Best Bedroom Star Projector

Best Bedroom Star Projector Kswing

Under the pressure of today's fast-paced life, everyone is eager to get a good rest after a tiring day. People tend to expend effort to choose a suitable mattress and soft bedding. But we tend to ignore the influence of the room environment on the quality of rest. A comfortable and warm atmosphere helps to improve the quality of our sleep, which allows us to enter a state of relaxation faster. Excellent light design is also crucial to the visual performance and atmosphere of the space, and can even regulate our emotions.

Therefore, choosing a suitable lighting fixture will make our bedroom softer as a whole and create a sleep-friendly condition. Psychologically, our subconscious associates the starry sky with sleep. So we can try to create our own starry sky in the house, which will help us into a state of ease.

A new generation of starry projector products brought by the technology company Kswing brings us a different starry sky visual experience. Compared with the traditional starry projector, Kswing also uses a high-end laser light source for indoor products for the first time. The product uses a red laser to project randomly distributed stars, and a green laser to present irregularly flowing meteors. This allows the dynamic effects of flickering and rotating to be more perfectly reflected. The low-power laser beam allows us to not worry about the irritation to the eyes caused by long-term viewing. The more detailed galaxy and the moon still use the high-saturation LED light source, so that the background remains soft without losing the vivid colors. The overall effect of the projection is very exciting, Kswing's innovative application of light sources this time is definitely a surprising upgrade!

The dazzling galaxy is also one of the highlights of this starry projector. The newly designed light and shadow effects and the adjusted light and shade relationship create the most realistic starry sky effect. The galaxy is based on three colors of red, green, and blue, and you can choose to project one or more colors. You can choose to project one or more colors, a total of more than 10 different modes can be matched. All elements in the projection can be independently controlled, and you can also adjust the speed of pattern change in multiple gears. If you don't want one of these elements in your sky today, just turn it off alone! All controls can be remotely operated by remote control, you can experience the fun of personalization in this starry projector!

There is also a user-friendly function that you can set the time for the light to turn on or off in advance, so that you don't have to worry about the light will always work after you fall asleep. It is worth noting that this starry projector also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. After the actual experience, it is found that its sound quality has a high level. And when the active rhythm model is turned on, the galaxy and laser lights will automatically change with the rhythm of the music. You can choose a piece of soothing music and fall asleep with the dreamy starry sky, it is definitely a different sleep experience!

At the same time, Kswing provided the starry projector with two appearance shapes, moon and drum, and there are two colors of white and black. You can choose the style that is more in line with home decoration. (Currently, the moon-shaped version does not support turning off the moon separately, if you mind, you can choose the drum-shaped version)

If such a starry projector appears in your bedroom, when you lie in bed, look up at such a starry sky, and enjoy the most comfortable time before going to bed, it's so comfortable! I hope you will also enjoy such a decoration that can set off a relaxing atmosphere. Have a good night!

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