Make Your House Unique with Projector Lights

About Kswing

The Kswing Company was established in 2014 by Ken.

Kswing showcases the massive impact lighting has on interior design. Our products demonstrate how something like lighting can bring harmony to the entire look and feel of a space.

Indoor Use and Outdoor Use
Why to choose projector lights

Ken is passionate about decorating his house in a unique way. He has experimented with painting the walls, adding various small decorations, and incorporating different types of furniture. However, he has faced challenges every time he wants to make a change, as it tends to be difficult and expensive. In search of a solution, he came up with the idea of developing projector lights.

Star Projector, Black Kswing#style_drum
Garden Projector Lights, Outdoor and Indoor Starry Light, Summer Kswing
Outdoor Use
What Projector Lights Can Do

By using indoor and outdoor projectors, Ken discovered that he could instantly transform the appearance of his house. He realized that with these projectors, he could easily adjust the ambiance of his home according to his mood or specific holidays. Not only did this solution provide a beautiful and visually appealing effect, but it was also affordable and convenient to switch between different styles.

Our Mission
Kswing was Created

Motivated by this innovative concept, Ken decided to create his own brand called Kswing. With Kswing, he aimed to help people make their houses truly unique and stand out from the rest. The brand's callout became "Make your house unique," emphasizing the idea of personalizing living spaces through the use of projector lights.

Kswing Star Projector

What you can enjoy in Kswing?

life time warranty

Lifetime Warranty

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3-8 Days Free Shipping

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30 days Free Return

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