Kswing Cash Back

Cash Back

Get Cash Back only follow next 4 steps.

($5 for picture and $10 for video published in your audience, extra $5 for every product verified review)

1.Buy Any Product

Buy any product in Kswing first, no matter how much you pay.

Buy any product
2. Post Best Effect

When you get your item, can you please post the light effect in your social media? like facebook, instagram, reddit or tiktok. Video+picture is the best. ($5 for Picture and $10 for Video)

Post your light effect
3. Subscribe

Subscribe Kswing Official Instagram, or Official Facebook, be closer to Kswing.

4. Contact Us

Contact Kswing for Cash Back, please email to info@kswing.com with your instagram or other social media username and pictures or video you post. Don't forget your Paypal email, we will pay you the cash by paypal in 2 business days.