Best Halloween Projector in 2022

Best Halloween Projector in 2022 Kswing

After the pandemic, the Halloween carnival is about to sweep the world again. I believe everyone has begun to look forward to this year's Halloween!

As one of the important parts of creating a Halloween atmosphere, weird and scary house decoration has become a topic that we can't avoid. In recent years, a variety of novel decorations have begun to appear in the public eye. Among them, projector lights with Halloween elements have gradually been welcomed by everyone, and major supermarkets have also placed them in more conspicuous positions, which made us start to pay attention to this type of electronic decorations.

But most consumers still keep a calm mind about new things, and the number of people who actually buy them is relatively small. In fact, most of the projector lights will have problems such as small projection range, blurred pattern, and insufficient brightness, which may cause the final display effect to be very different from our expectations. And when used outdoors, the uncontrollable external environment will cause damage to the product, which requires the product to have high durability. Therefore, at present, everyone's concerns about Halloween projector lights mainly appear in two aspects: the clarity of projection and the stability of electronic products.

The new generation of Halloween projector lights developed by Kswing can perfectly dispel the doubts of consumers. /At present, some new Halloween projector lights appear on the market, which can dispel these doubts of consumers. The new product uses a laser light source instead of the original LED light source. Although the price of commodities has increased slightly, the presentation effect of the projection has been greatly improved, which is definitely a valuable upgrade for consumers. The biggest advantage of projector lights using laser diodes is the brightness, far exceeding the current LED light sources. This means that the color of the pattern details can be guaranteed even if the projection distance is far away, which enables the projection of the projector lights to cover a larger area. The laser light source has stronger penetration and more accurate directivity, and even the outer wall of the house with complex structure can have an excellent imaging effect. And Kswing's Halloween projector lights have successfully solved the problem that green lasers cannot respond quickly in cold environments. After turning on the power, all lights can be projected immediately, which saves extra warm-up time compared to many products of the same type. With the characteristics of low attenuation of laser light source, projector lights can continuously output high-brightness images for a long time, and have a long service life. It is also worth noting that the luminous efficiency of the laser light source is high. Under the same projection effect, the laser projector lights have very low energy consumption, which is more in line with the current trend of energy saving and environmental protection.


Secondly, families have great concerns about the safety of lasers, worrying that high-power light will cause burns to the eyes. After inspection, we found that compared with other laser products, this Halloween projector lights is relatively safe. Kswing's Halloween projector lights have achieved a Class 2 laser safety level, with all lights having a power of less than 1 milliwatt. If the laser beam just inadvertently hits the eye, the eye can be protected by blinking, and it will hardly cause substantial damage. But we absolutely do not recommend anyone to look directly into the beam with their eyes, as long-term direct exposure will cause irreversible damage to the eyes. So actually, we think the installation process of the projector lights is best to avoid involving children!

It is also worth our attention that Kswing's new products for Halloween have also upgraded in durability. The newly designed aluminum alloy shell allows the projector lights to reach the IP65 protection level (completely dustproof and prevent the intrusion of jet water), and has excellent drop resistance. Whether it is raining, snowing or extremely low temperature, it can be used outdoors with confidence. The newly designed structure brings better heat dissipation performance, and there will be no overheating during continuous use for a long time. The product also comes with a sturdy ground stake that allows us to easily dip into soil or snow to bring a realistic Halloween vibe to the scene.

It can be seen that if we can choose a suitable Halloween projector light, the dynamic lights will help to create a unique Halloween atmosphere, everyone will be attracted by the colorful jack-o-lanterns and ghosts, and your yard and house will become the brightest presence in the community! Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! Happy Halloween!

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