How do I choose a Christmas light projector?

How do I choose a Christmas light projector? Kswing

Christmas is coming, and I believe everyone is looking forward to the post-pandemic Christmas. Creating a Christmas-themed atmosphere at home has become the most popular topic of the moment. Huge Christmas trees, giant red socks and Santa ornaments have become essential elements in the home, and these decorations have become the Christmas "combo" in our memory.

Now let's get out of these thoughts and come up with something new and innovative! Replace the original decorations with lights, and replace the boring walls with projections. Let the Christmas house projector help you present a more novel and gorgeous Christmas atmosphere. I believe that you have seen many similar outdoor holiday projectors appear in major shopping malls in recent years, but because they are new products, there are many types and brands, and the quality is also uneven. Many people do not know how to choose, this limits our desire to buy.

So let's take a look at how to choose a show lights projector suitable for Christmas! The most important thing in choosing a best Christmas light projector must be the presentation of projection lights.

Many projectors on the market actually have a very small projection range, and as long as the projection distance is long, it will lead to the loss of pattern details. Therefore, we need the light source of the product to have extremely high brightness and color saturation, so as to ensure the clear outline of the pattern.

The new generation of Christmas laser projector developed by Kswing, a professional projection lamp company, perfectly met our expectations for projection light. Kswing innovatively replaced the commonly used LED light sources with high-brightness laser light sources with three colors of red, green and blue. The characteristics of the laser diode ensure ultra-high brightness and precise directivity, and the stronger penetration ensures the overall imaging integrity and will have a better visual experience. Good imaging results are guaranteed even when projecting from a distance. All patterns can be individually controlled to flicker or rotate, and some patterns can also show a meteor-like dynamic effect, with a variety of combinations. When the lights are on, your home will have the brightest Christmas laser light show in the community. This time, Kswing also brought us five Christmas-themed show lights projectors. Each theme’s projection lights are matched with different patterns. We can choose according to our favorite style. There are relatively simple themes, such as only stars and shooting stars; there are also complex and cool themes, which combine various elements such as Santa Claus, gingerbread and reindeer to project a picture full of Christmas atmosphere. The specific styles and patterns of projection can be selected from Kswing. There are also various shapes of projection lamps to choose from, and you can buy them according to your preference.

I believe that some people are worried about the safety of the laser beam, thinking that it will cause damage to the eyes. Kswing's Christmas laser projector has been tested and found to be relatively safe. The power of all beams is less than 1 mW, reaching the laser safety level of Class 2. This means that the laser beam inadvertently sweeps across the eyes without causing actual damage, and is protected by avoiding or closing the eyes in time. However, we absolutely do not recommend that you look directly at any laser light for a long time, especially children, it may cause irreversible damage. Kswing's products have also passed FDA, RCC, RoHS, CE and other professional certifications, environmental protection and safety can be guaranteed, and everyone can use it with confidence.

In addition to the clarity of the image, the stability and durability of the product are also part of our key considerations. Kswing designed a new aluminum alloy shell for this generation of Christmas laser projector, and the support column and ground staked are all made of high-density polyethylene in a single injection. The projector as a whole has a strong resistance to impact, and has also reached the IP65 protection level (completely dustproof and prevent the intrusion of jet water). The sturdy ground staked can ensure that we can easily and quickly fix the projector into the snow or dirt, and hide it in the garden to present a more realistic Christmas environment. The product has undergone rigorous environmental testing during research and development, which ensures that the projector can work normally outdoors even in harsh environments such as rain, snow or extremely low temperatures. Kswing has also upgraded the internal heat dissipation frame to ensure that long-term continuous work will not trigger power-off protection due to overheating of the light source. Surprisingly, Kswing successfully solved the problem that green lasers cannot respond quickly in cold environments. This generation of laser projectors can project all light immediately after turning on the power, saving extra warm-up time compared to many products of the same type.

If such a Christmas light show projector can appear at home at Christmas, it will help us create a unique Christmas "space", which is definitely an impressive presence. I hope that after reading this article, you can know the points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a Christmas light projector, and you can have a better reference when purchasing. Or you can click Kswing to directly select and buy Kswing's Christmas light projector, it will be your best choice.

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