How to Set Up A Cool Gaming Room

How to Set Up A Cool Gaming Room Kswing

With the development of a new generation of video game industry, video games have become one of the leisure activities for many young people to relax, it has also become a new-age way of socializing. Therefore, a gaming room that combines comfort and privacy has become an ideal space for many players

With the expansion and upgrade of the related industry chain, more and more game peripherals appear in our shopping cart. High refresh rate displays, liftable tables and chairs, and comfortable gaming chairs have become essential equipment for players. But if you want to set up a cool gaming room, in addition to the key hardware configuration, the atmosphere of the overall space is also very important.

Lighting is a key factor in creating a sense of atmosphere, and the color matching determines the overall tone of the gaming room. A lighting effect full of technological sense requires us to invest a lot of energy to debug, and often requires the use of multiple sets of modules to create the atmosphere. So, how to present a futuristic lighting effect more easily and more cost-effectively has become a problem that troubles us.

The starry projector brought by the technology company Kswing has brought us a new overall solution for ambient lighting. Different from other light projection products, Kswing successfully broke the technical barriers and innovatively added a laser projection module to this starry projector, so that the LED light source and the laser light source can be projected at the same time. The combined use of the two light sources finally gives the galaxy a dynamic effect. 

The projection is based on red, green and blue galaxies as the background, and the newly designed light and shadow effects make people have an immersive visual experience. Galaxies will take on the rhythm of ocean waves and look like colorful aurora. The stars projected by the laser light source will have flickering (red laser) and flowing (green laser) effects, making players feel like they are really in a dreamy starry sky. The ultra-high brightness and precise directivity of the laser make the pattern imaging effect clearer and more complete. The vividness of colors is guaranteed even when projected onto oversized ceilings. The irregular distribution of the star projection and the random flickering frequency can effectively relieve the visual fatigue of players. The low-power laser beam also allows players to not worry about eye irritation. For gaming room, this gorgeous and colorful lighting effect is absolutely suitable! If you can combine multiple starry projectors at the same time, I believe the effect will be even more shocking!

Surprisingly, all the elements in the projection can be turned off or on freely! If you think today's games don't work with red background lighting, you can turn off the red stars and galaxies individually. There are more than 10 different color matching schemes in total, and the rhythm speed of lasers and galaxies can also be adjusted in multiple stages. All controls can be remotely operated by remote control, you can experience the fun of personalization in this starry projector!

What is more noteworthy is that this starry projector also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and after trying it out, it is found that its sound quality is not bad. Because the Bluetooth speakers in many similar products are almost just a gimmick to sell goods, the actual experience is very bad. But the speaker on this starry projector is enough to clearly play the background music when playing games, which is completely beyond our expectations! And when the active rhythm model is turned on, the galaxy and laser lights will automatically change with the rhythm of the music. This can effectively enhance the atmosphere of our eSports and allow players to have a better gaming experience!

At the same time, Kswing provided the starry projector with two appearance shapes, moon and drum, and there are two colors of white and black. You can choose the style that is more in line with the decoration of the gaming room. (Currently, the moon-shaped version does not support turning off the moon separately, if you mind, you can choose the drum-shaped version)

If such a starry projector appears in your gaming room, it will help you create a space full of cyberpunk style. Fascinating lighting effects will accompany every leisure time. When you open the game and look up at such a starry sky, you will enjoy the most comfortable time after a tiring work! "May the stars guide you!"

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