Star Projectors--- Great Gift for Family, Kids and Friends

Star Projectors--- Great Gift for Family, Kids and Friends Kswing

Picking the right gifts for family and friends often becomes a problem that plagues us whenever holidays or anniversaries come around. Although new products are constantly being updated, it is not an easy thing to choose the right gift by trying to figure out the preferences of others. Looking back, have you also had the experience of walking into a store with high expectations and returning empty-handed? Especially when choosing gifts for children, this is often really a "big project". It is usually difficult to observe children's true preferences, because they are often enthusiastic about all the new things they have not seen. However, their attention is often difficult to focus on something for a long time. When they try a novel item, they lose their enthusiasm quickly and turn their interest to other new things.Therefore, gifts for children should keep them fresh at all times. And equally important is the safety and environmental friendliness of the products, and products for children absolutely need to have higher quality standards. So, how to choose a suitable gift for children has been a problem that has troubled us for a long time.

Just this year, Kswing, a technology company focusing on projection technology research and development, released their new generation of star projection lamps, which may bring us a new choice. When we were children, we tended to look up at the deep starry sky, curious about the mysterious and vast galaxies. Even now, many people have a beautiful vision of meeting the stars and enjoy the peace and relaxation brought by looking up at the stars. Kswing's star projection lamp can perfectly simulate the gorgeous starry sky, allowing children to experience the dream from the starry sky indoors. It is the prime choice for children's gifts!

In this product, Kswing innovatively used the combination of laser light source and LED light source. The joint projection of the two modules makes the picture more layered. Ailighttech makes the part of the stars responsible for the laser light source, the green laser can show the effect of meteor flow, and the red laser can show the effect of star twinkling. The biggest advantage of projector lights using laser diodes is the brightness, which can ensure the clarity of all details of the pattern and the fullness of colors. Stronger penetration and more accurate directivity allow the pattern to have excellent imaging results even on complex planes.

The galaxy in the background still retains the high-brightness LED light source, which makes the visual experience of the colors softer. The LED light source has higher color saturation, which is more suitable for presenting such gradient and mixed colors, and is more suitable for rendering sci-fi effects. The galaxy is generally based on the combination of red, green and blue. The galaxy will show the rhythmic effect of ocean waves, which looks like a colorful aurora. There will be a moon pattern in the middle of the projection, and children will have a more immersive visual experience. And rich colors help children's right brain development and promote color cognition. The dynamic effects of all patterns are presented irregularly, which can effectively reduce visual fatigue during viewing. This unknown change will be more attractive to children, allowing them to maintain their enthusiasm for star lights for longer. You can also enjoy the starry sky with your child, which will help to quickly warm up the affection between you.

All the elements in the projection can be turned off or on freely! If the red color is not of interest today, the child can choose to turn off the individual red stars and galaxies. There are more than 10 different color and pattern matching schemes in total, and the rhythm speed of lasers and galaxies can also be adjusted in multiple stages. All controls can be operated remotely through the remote control, and children can experience the fun of personalization in this starry projector! This will help improve children's thinking and hands-on skills.

Due to the existence of the laser light source, we also strictly evaluated the safety of this projector lamp. A child's eyeball and optic nerve are in the developing stage, and the high-power laser light source may cause damage to the child's vision. After our testing, the power of Kswing's red and green laser light sources is less than 1 mW, which is in line with the Class 2 laser safety level. If the laser beam just accidentally hits the eye, it can be protected by blinking, and it will hardly cause substantial damage. The products are FDA certified for laser products, and CE certification can be issued. Therefore, the projection lamp is relatively safe for children to use, and there is no need to worry that the light will damage the eyes. But we absolutely do not recommend anyone to use the eyes to look directly into the beam, long-term direct exposure will inevitably cause damage to the eyes.

Surprisingly, Kswing has added a Bluetooth speaker to this star projection lamp. After the actual experience found that the speaker has a good sound quality. And after the active rhythm model is turned on, the light will automatically change with the rhythm of the music. Children can choose a soothing nursery rhyme or lullaby, and fall asleep with the dreamy starry sky, which is definitely a different sleeping experience!

At the same time, this time, Kswing provides the starry projector with two appearance shapes, moon and drum, and has two colors of black and white. You can choose the style that your child prefers. (Currently, the white version does not support free closing of the moon, if you mind, you can choose the black version)

All in all, starry projector is an excellent gift for children, it will "project" a dreamy and warm space for children. Unique lighting effects will accompany your child's every leisure time. When children look up at such a starry sky, this will be their most comfortable and comfortable time!

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