Buy a Unique Christmas Projector Light for Your House

Buy a Unique Christmas Projector Light for Your House Kswing

As the pandemic passed, some large gatherings and contact outdoor events began to resume. People have come to the outdoors to release their long-standing loneliness and anxiety, and the reappearance of Halloween carnival has made us look forward to Christmas this year. We see that the preheating of Christmas products in the market has gradually begun, and major supermarkets have begun to put Christmas decorations and gifts in the most conspicuous positions. Everyone's enthusiasm for Christmas is also reflected online. The search volume for Christmas decoration has increased significantly. How to better set off the festive atmosphere has become a topic that has been heatedly discussed by everyone. In recent years, the popularity of show lights projector has suddenly increased, and people have begun to prefer to use projection lights instead of traditional colored light bars. This outdoor holiday projector can present corresponding patterns on the plane, with richer colors and better embellishment for the holiday environment. As a professional projector lamp manufacturer, Kswing also gave us a new generation of Christmas laser projector this Christmas. After experience, we think it is one of the best Christmas light projectors on the market.

Why use a laser?

Common projection lamps on the market often use ordinary LED light sources, but Kswing uses high-brightness laser light sources in his generation of products. Compared with traditional LED light sources, lasers have higher brightness, lower energy consumption and heat generation, and are more suitable for long-term projection work. The new internal design also allows the LEDs to have better heat dissipation capabilities, and there will be no deterioration in brightness during long-term continuous use. Through the characteristics of precise laser pointing, various finely designed patterns can be projected, and even the ultra-long projection distance can ensure that the patterns have clear boundaries and highly restored colors. It can also have excellent imaging effect on oversized or uneven walls. This is the new experience that laser light sources can bring us. In addition, the problem that green lasers need to wait for heating before projecting is also solved by Kswing. Kswing's new light control system allows the green laser to be cast immediately after it is turned on, which saves the warm-up time compared to other similar products. We also don't need to worry about laser damage to our eyes, all Kswing products are certified by multiple professional bodies. All beams used by the projector lamps are less than 1 mW of power and are Class 2 laser safe. The laser beam sweeps across the eyes for a short period of time and does not cause substantial damage. The damage can be avoided by dodging or blinking. Each product is designed to focus on their safety and environmental protection from the very beginning, and the products are strictly tested by the company before being produced. This allows consumers to purchase such novel products with confidence and brings a better user experience.

Where can it be placed?

Where should I put Christmas Projector Light

This time Kswing brought us a total of four Christmas house projectors with different styles and patterns. Combining elements from Star Shower, Santa, Snowflake and Merry Christmas to create an environment full of Christmas atmosphere. You can place it in your outdoor yard and project it onto the walls of your own house. In addition to the normal stand, the product also comes with a ground stake, allowing you to easily secure the projector in the ground. You don't have to worry about the projector being damaged during prolonged outdoor use. The newly designed aluminum alloy casing allows the product to reach IP65 protection level, with complete dustproof and moderate waterproof capabilities, even in snow, rain or extreme temperatures. You can also put it indoors and project it on the wall or ceiling. The combination of red and green lasers will create a new Christmas atmosphere, which will bring you a completely different experience.


If we can pick a best Christmas light projector, the dynamic lights will help create a unique Christmas atmosphere, everyone will be attracted by the colorful reindeer lights and Santa Claus, your yard and house will be the brightest in the community The presence of eyes! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Merry Christmas!

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