Using a projector for Halloween

Using a projector for Halloween Kswing

The spooky season is right around the corner! It’s the scariest holiday there is. The day of trick-or-treating, decorating our houses and dressing up! From Dracula to witches and even superheroes, there is no limits to your imaginations while picking an outfit.

And who doesn’t want to have the best home décor? Once you’ve carved your pumpkins and put up your lights, maybe even go a step further and create a theme for your house? No matter what you want your house to look like, from Bigfoot’s lair to Transylvania itself, how about adding a high-tech boost to make heads turn? Adding a Halloween projector to your setup is sure to make your neighbors go crazy.

Using a projector, you can create amazingly terrifying illusions. Investing as little as a $100, that too if you just have to buy a projector (consider borrowing one, since it’s a one-off thing), you can create the stuff of people’s nightmares. Everyone expects spooky sounds and eerie laughs and signature cackles of the witches, but can you just imagine what a skeleton that leaps on to people and vanishes into thin air will do? Nobody is prepared the fright they would be experiencing, and your house is sure to become the talking point of the neighborhood.

A projector fit for this purpose can be purchased for around $70 - $90. Since you don’t need to purchase one fit for something like a home theatre, you don’t need to splurge on this aspect of the setup either. The only thing to look out for, while choosing your projector, is that it should preferably be portable – one that support SD cards or flash drives maybe – so you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up a laptop with it.

Once that is out of the way, you’re gonna want to pick a ‘screen’ for your animations. You might choose to go ahead and buy a dedicated hologram sheet, but any sheet of suitable material will do the trick just fine. You can use anything from a mosquito net or bridal mesh to a shower curtain or even fine gauze. Just pick anything translucent that’s not overly visible and obvioius in a dark environment and you’re good to go. You know your surroundings and resources best, so no point discussing what fits best in general, ‘cause we’re decorating your house here. You’re the master of the fine details in this case.

Okay, almost done. Now, the hard part. Or is it? Take the rest of your theme into account and pick the best footage to play. Want to have something generic like a flying skeleton? Go right ahead. Want to have a witch fly into your guests’ faces? Or will it be something more specific as per your taste and theme? The internet is filled with creepy videos, and some browsing with a rough idea of what you want ought to do the trick.

That’s it! Hook your projector up with speakers that you’re likely already using, and you’re done. Wait for people’s reactions, accept the praise and just tell them it was simple enough to pull off!

But beware! You might have to apologize to someone you scared too much! Have fun, and a Happy Halloween!!

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