Why Should We Choose A Starry Projector?

Why Should We Choose A Starry Projector? Kswing

A starlight projector might seem like just a dream, a fragile illusion for the eyes of a child but also of an adult who has always looked to those stars as a way forward, as a guide in the night, as security. The "STARRY PROJECTOR"  is everything you just read about and more. This Lamp (even if it is an understatement to call it that) spreads light throughout the room and draws stars swooping in the sky; fixed stars forming the firmament; a white and candid moon, beautiful for the eyes and the soul. All these are thanks to its particular LED technology with a clean and safe  light; in fact, a "class 1" light is projected, i.e. a light jet that does not hit and therefore causes problems for children's eyes.

STARRY PROJECTOR also allows you to vary the speed of its illumination, with which you can choose how to see the stars, their rotation and movement. The rotation is complete, 360 degrees. The projector light also features a handy and convenient sleep timer (one hour, two hours). The colours of the projections have a rather vast range: they are ten!

You can very well control everything with the remote control, which in addition to the functions already mentioned, is equipped with a Bluetooth connection and therefore allows you to connect your musical device, your mobile phone, and anything else to choose the music and above all the rhythm the remote control can even operate the star projector by voice control. This voice control allows the projector to coordinate with the sound in the case of a party, but also just a quiet evening with a very calm jazz background; the stars will start moving in time to the music, and you will feel like flying, this projector is capable of creating a unique and rare environment, something fantastic that you have never seen before. Stop for a moment, close your eyes, and imagine your usual hangout with the addition of this projector, could there be anything more fantastic?

The projector also offers the possibility of choosing between two well-defined shapes: one is a half moon, the second called "Drum" which has a more consistent and powerful silhouette. Both presented elegance and innovation; they inspire confidence and desire and always make you smile every time. A touch of quality that will never tire and that will make anyone who comes to visit you joyful. The colour is a beautiful clear white that goes perfectly with the theme of stars, comets and the sweet moon.

If you don't know what to give for the next occasion, whatever it is: Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, or a personal gift for yourself, choose this star projector; you will not regret it. Innovations like this bring that breath of fresh air that we all seek in some way for our homes, an additional comfort, a small object that can give emotions, print smiles on every face, generate laughter, and many well-kept memories in our hearts. When you have thought about it enough, and with enough, we mean a few seconds because this is the time for making the right decision that will turn your day off, you will know that you have made a great choice, a small expense capable of giving you new perspectives and good vibes. What are you waiting for? STARRY PROJECTOR is here for you!  Become creative, and let yourself be inspired by the moon and the stars. Your ideas will come to you under the rain of stars that descends placidly into your living room, fine furniture among the constellations of the immense night sky? What a fantastic show!!!

You have to think of how happy the children will be when they see this object that will begin to sow billions of coloured stars spinning all over the room, how much fun they will have when narrating their friends about it and when they show it to them feeling proud of their parent. How much fun they will have playing astronauts? What is a gift if not an instrument of happiness? And what is joy if not a perfect gift? This projector was born for this. It is only an instrument of pleasure, nothing else, or at least it seems so to us.

Choose STARRY PROJECTOR, discover the world and the beauty of a courteous gesture. From today you can have the galaxy in your hand, controlled by you via your remote control.


  • RGB
  • Covers up to approximately 25x25 feet from 10 feet away
  • 360° rotating dynamic Galaxy Lighting
  • 10 Color Options
  • Bluetooth
  • Set timers
  • Auto OFF Timer
  • 6 foot USB cable
  • Wall adapter

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